In many cultures, the name for God is ‘Zero.’ In Sanskrit, ‘Shambho’ is a name for God, meaning zero. One interpretation of ‘Shiva’ is ‘zero.’

In what respect is He zero? He remains zero i.e. zero attachments, in His attitude towards the physical world.

In relation to the physical world:
He owns nothing
He needs nothing
He loses nothing
He misses nothing
He lacks nothing
He identifies with nothing
He feels he deserves nothing
He knows that He has entitlement to nothing
He takes credit for nothing
He expects nothing

He remains free from the web, the trap, of the physical world.

When you look at a zero, you see nothing. When you look through a zero, you see everything.

Since He has zero bondage, it allows him to experience the ‘Ocean.’
He experiences:

Ocean of Bliss . . .
Ocean of Love . . .
Ocean of Knowledge . . .
Ocean of Contentment . . .
…unlimited treasures

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