Welcome to Sky Beyond Sky Channel, a place to explore your individual consciousness. We can change our life experiences only when we change the consciousness that created them in the first place.

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Meditations to Feel 100% Secure... Always podcast empowers us to look within and to realise that there is a dimension to the self that is complete and perfect in every way. As we explore over the 40 meditation episodes,  we will come closer to that inner experience of 100% security. We recognise this sparkling being that is within each one of us and we start to explore that. And we realise that 100% security really means that I come to that place of deep understanding of my own beauty, my own divinity and my own immortality.

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Meditations to Feel 100% Secure...Always

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Experience Meditation Now podcast offers easy steps for a higher quality of inner life. In a world where we drift into spiritual ignorance, meditation is the opportunity to experience our original state of soul consciousness. Now is the time to reflect and restore peace, clarity, freedom and power.

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Making Sense Podcast invites you to experiment with a new perspective, that is, who you are really, where you come from and to whom you belong? This higher consciousness can have huge implications for us. It can elevate our attitude and vision. It can also take you out of the story, to experience the sky beyond the sky, our world of truth and beauty.

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Meditations to Feel 100% Secure...Always

Meditation twenty – Flying to the Future

Description: We fly to a place where all living beings, nature and planet has finally reached their state of total harmony and beauty. With the eye of the mind seeing the best day possible. We see each other as harmonious human beings. Let’s capture the essence of the future and keep it in our heart. Whenever I want or lose hope in this world, I return to the vision of the new world and regain strength and hope.

Keywords: Vision of the future world, harmony, hope.

Date: January 8th, 2022

Meditation nineteen – Own Best Friend

Description: Create a place where I feel safe, peaceful and light close to the self and the divine. Create another inner room where I can relax and appreciate my own self where I am my own best friend. Create a third place where I am close to God where I am guarded, protected, encouraged forever with the eternal light of the Supreme. Continue to spread peaceful vibrations in your physical home.

Keywords: Safe, peaceful, God, best friend.

Date: January 7th, 2022

Meditation eighteen – A Peaceful Future

Description: Exploring the depth of my inner being and remembering that there is more to me then just the body. I am a being of light, peace, love and joy. Connecting to the pure divine Supreme Soul that protects and guides the soul. In this union with the Divine light a new world is born with a peaceful secure future.

Keywords: Inner being, Supreme Soul, Divinity, peace, love, joy.

Date: January 6th, 2022