We use the word meditation to describe the experience of the soul, the inner being. We are shifting consciousness from the usual focus which is the physical world and physical people and physical possessions to something that is subtle and unchanging.

The meditation practice is just this, to wake up and to see another reality that exists quite naturally, using a new consciousness which is available to us.

It is the experience of this subtle reality that brings certainty enabling us to change our lives.

Soul Awareness

Description: The higher being is eternal, imperishable, timeless. It is invisible to the human eye and it can be understood through the higher intellect.

Keywords: Soul, higher being, concentration, peace, love.

Date: July 6th, 2019

Experience of the Guest

Description: The higher being is a guest in the physical world. As a guest, he enjoys the newness and the beauty of this world. The guest has everything at home and is free to visit the physical dimension.

Keywords: Guest awareness, freedom, lightness, security, happiness.

Date: July 6th, 2019

The Home of Peace

Description: Experience the home of the higher beings with the Supreme Being, a golden sky filled with immense silence.

Keywords: Sweet home of peace and eternity, supreme region, soul world.

Date: July 1st, 2019

Supreme Love

Description: For the spiritually awake soul the non-physical dimension is the unlimited home. In this home the beings of light live with the Supreme Father, unconditionally loving and generous.

Keywords: Angelic perspective, supreme soul, bond of eternal love and equality.

Date: August 2nd, 2018

Pure Awareness

Description: The world beyond sound and beyond change is subtle and invisible. This is the home of the beings of light, immortal and divine.

Keywords: Consciousness, silence, infinite benevolence.

Date: August 1st, 2018

The Guest

Description: Experience freedom and detachment. The guest cannot own an atom on this planet. Everything physical is a gift.

Keywords: Attachment, security, complete liberation.

Date: July 20th, 2018

The Eternal World

Description: Playing with the thought that we can enter a dimension of light. All are stars of light unique, lovely and beautiful.

Keywords: Stars of light, full love, experience of peace.

Date: October 10th, 2016

Stepping Back

Description: Stepping behind the stage into the wings of the theatre. Experiencing the security of the observer.

Keywords: Observing, feeling safe and secure.

Date: March 9th, 2016