The word avyakt means subtle or angelic. It is a word that brings us out of the physical way of seeing and understanding. Something that is subtle has to be grasped by the intellect. As we work with the intellect in changing our perspective we begin to perceive and understand this very subtle dimension which is real.

With the avyakt understanding we can begin to see what is normally invisible. We see the being of light, the point of light. This being has his own world, subtle world. It is a world of immortality and eternity. It is very different to the physical world. This is what we are exploring when we use the word avyakt.

These avyakt experiences are sharings from the space of being. They are presented to you with some titles and descriptions. Some of them are clustered around a topic. They include references to Raja Yoga teachings from Murli.

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Supreme Reality

Angelic Family

Spiritual Sight

Cartoon World


Archive of Avyakt Experiments (2016-2018)