Soul Consciousness

For someone who is asleep, it is not possible to know what exists in an awakened reality. They can only be aware of their dream state. Our whole spiritual practice is just this; to wake up and to see another reality that exists quite naturally, using a new consciousness which is available to us. Like the eagle who is raised in a chicken run and thinks and behaves like a chicken, until one day he looks up and sees a great bird soaring high above the earth and he realizes that he is such a bird. We too have this opportunity to wake up and see that we are not beggars leading a life of beggary, but we are noble and divine, rich beyond belief, with all treasures, right in front of us.

The Divine Intellect

The first and major confusion of one who is asleep, is that of identity. For us, it is the identity of being a body and everything that is connected to it; my job, culture, language, religion, role etc. For the eternal traveller, the soul, all this is temporary, but if seen as reality, creates within us a deep subconscious insecurity. Our aim is to be free from this insecurity, but first we need to see what is real. When the traveller sees the temporary nature of everything in the physical world, he can let go of the false identifications and subsequent attachments that keep him in bondage to it. He can then see his own treasures; his immortality, his powers and his virtues.

Supreme Soul

In order to come back to our eternal truth, we need a reference point for truth, something or someone that we can relate back to, to guide us and ensure that we are not still working with the ego perspective and all its confusions. It is here that God becomes important for us. God is the only one who can stay with truth because he knows what is true. God’s perspective is like a compass for us. It will take us back to the silent bliss that is who we are, when the ego is absent.


Beings of Light

When our identity is based on external factors, such as position and possessions, we call that body consciousness. One manifestation of body consciousness is ego. Ego needs constant attention to grow and when it does not receive that, it plays the part of a victim. To make ego smaller, we can see the physical world as a story that is being acted out, like a film. 
If thoughts and feelings emerge whilst experiencing this larger perspective we see this as the awake state, the angelic awareness. Thoughts, priorities and attitudes will come from this higher perspective. The world of the angelic beings is beyond the film. Their culture, their relationships, their family, their heritage are complete and whole. Their parent is God.

The angelic practice is to re-awaken to this subtle and more refined way of being.

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