Resistance comes with a situation we do not like in the drama. It traps us into the story of the drama. We lose our clarity. The irritation about the situation is ego based and is simply the difference between what is and what the ego would like it to be. Ego needs drama situations that generate energy in order to survive and make itself seem real.

Effect of Resistance

  • What effect on the situation does resistance have?         None – waste of energy and time, eg. car alarm goes off at 2am in my street; my irritation will not stop the alarm.

Consequence of Resistance

  •  Who is the master?     The situation is the master because the situation dictates our feelings.


  • What is the behaviour? Defensiveness, resentment, dislike, criticism, complaints, irritation, sorrow and so on.

Ego’s Gain

  • If the ego dislikes the situation what is the gain?   The energy of irritation feeds the ego and makes it seem real; it pulls us into the drama story.


  • Will blaming solve the problem?  Ego blames to avoid the responsibility of addressing the problem/situation.


  • What attitude will help? Acceptance and patience – with acceptance no irritation and so no food for the ego.


  • Why is acceptance a good idea? The mind remains clear, calm and creative – solutions come.


  •  Was there any benefit? Instead of stress, the problem will be resolved. That will empower the real you. Ego is the loser. Game over.

Maureen McC.

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