It’s difficult for ego to be egoless and for Ravan to become viceless. Unless one is accurately soul consciousness (awake), ego and Ravan are the rulers. That may explain why a lot of spiritual effort ends up in battling with oneself. How can we bring about any shift?

For this, we need to examine the hierarchy or levels of consciousness in the animal kingdom. For example, a pig is at one level of consciousness and a donkey is at another level. What is important for a pig may not be important for a donkey. A pig will be attracted towards all sorts of food and react in a certain way, different from that of a donkey.  A donkey will be attracted towards grass. It will think about grass, and possibly even fight with other donkeys over grass. At that level of consciousness, donkeys would find it unnatural or impossible to have disinterest in grass; it is as if they are hardwired for it.

Now, let’s move to the level of human beings. They are not hardwired to have interest in grass, but they are hardwired to another interest, the vices. It all starts with interest in various things within this drama; they can’t stop thinking and talking about people, positions, possessions and pizzas. They may understand the benefits of being free from vices, but when at that level of consciousness, they have no option. They can, at most, suppress or displace their compulsions.

We have an option to shift our consciousness to yet another level. We can call this ‘avyakt’ or ‘angelic consciousness’. Just as humans have no interest in grass, angels have no interest in things that humans are interested in. They naturally have no pull towards people, position and possessions. If there is no interest, it is less likely that they will create attachments and egos based on any of these things. Angels are free from the human vices naturally

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