A river had broken its banks and the water was rising rapidly. A bird was perched on the branch of a tree, flapping a round and shouting to every passer-by:

Help! Help! Please help me! Please do something!


Just then a lion was making his daily round through the rising waters.

Seeing the lion, the bird called out:

Oh, King of the animals! Help me! The water is rising and I will be drowned. Please save me!


The lion looked at the bird and said:

You have wings.

Are we very different from the bird? Probably not.

When we learn to see things differently, our lives become easier, happier and more successful.

The message is simple and the method is simple. However, in today’s world we have learned to make simple things complex.

Our journey will be much easier, if we become like children once again, to see with innocence and simplicity.

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