In the murli of 13.1.78 (Group Meetings), the expression ruhaniat was used, which can be translated as ‘spiritual reality’ or ‘spirituality’. The result of the Father’s company is ruhaniat. It implies that human company does not help us to go into ruhaniat. Instead, human company binds us in the gross dimension, the dream reality or ‘The Matrix’.

It is good to refer to these two worlds as two realities or dimensions. We can bring things like rocks from one planet to another planet, but there cannot be an exchange like that between the ‘dream reality’ and the ‘waking reality’. They are totally different and independent, which is why the word dimension is used to emphasise that difference.

It so happens that in this ‘waking dimension’, there is God, the family of angelic souls and perfection. It is a region of absolute love and bliss; truly a region of disbelief. For the one who is awake, he is with the family of souls. In this dimension, it is normal to be a star of light; it is normal that all are worthy of love, it is normal to experience bliss, forever. As usual the language and the experience of the awake angel cannot be understood by the dreamer.

Most of the world, when caught up in this dream dimension, tries to improve the dream reality and indulge in a sweet dream. The spiritual message is to discover the waking reality, the ruhaniat. Gross intoxication and the excitement of gross treasures pull us in the ‘dream dimension‘. The choice is either to live in ‘truth’ or in ‘delusion’.

Contrary to the message from the film The Matrix, the waking reality is sweeter than the sweetest dream, leave aside any nightmare. A pioneer spirit is necessary to venture into the uncharted lands of ‘truth’. To stay in ruhaniat, to experience the wonder, perfection, immortality and the world of God means to shine light in that ‘sky’, in the waking reality. Light always helps many others to wake up.

Is this the future of the human family? We have the option to wake up and be useful to the self and others.

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    Great. Thanks. Very insightful

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