Steps for Transcendence

Three steps towards transcendence:

  1. Harry becomes a spiritual student. He learns skills to restrain and stop Ravan. His life is now for Truth and for God.
  2. the student, Harry, is seeing the soul
  3. the soul, is seeing Harry, the student

In the third step, ‘transcendence’ has taken place. It is as if consciousness was at the level of Harry, and now, has shifted to the soul. The soul is awake, and the awake soul is seeing ‘student Harry’ as part of the story! The awake soul is aware of the region of light where he belongs. He knows his family of angelic souls and his eternal sweet bond with God, his very dear and constant Companion.

The Awake Soul

The awake soul is naturally in that experience. He is the embodiment of knowledge, embodiment of yoga and embodiment of virtues. Only the one who is himself awake can help others to wake up.
If one stays at the level of step two, that is, of Harry seeing the soul, it is ego-based effort. The student Harry is trying to make Harry more spiritual, trying to make Harry egoless or virtuous. It is like saying that bodily Harry is trying to become bodiless and the ego is trying to become egoless! It then becomes ‘labour’ with no ‘real’ success. Step three is like taking a jump; the soul wakes up and discovers true spirituality and natural perfection.


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  1. reena heeralal on October 27, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Very good knowledge shared, Harry met God , now he’s on a spiritual journey,

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