We live in a world that knows no peace and therefore knows no silence either. Occasionally we catch a glimpse of it, out in nature somewhere, walking the great mountains or we feel it through a beautiful piece of music that takes us into ourselves and therein we find an inner sanctuary of utter silence. This shows to us that silence is not just the absence of sound, but a magnificent mystery that calms the mind and leaves us in a stage of transcendence.

We seek this experience of silence because it is part of our authentic self; who we really are. It’s more real than the face looking back at us in the mirror; a face that is ever changing from day to day, which causes the ego so much distress. The authentic self, the angel, is changeless ….the highest and the holiest….equal to God and loved by God.

When our identity is based on what is temporary and often short lived, the poor ego is like a beggar…looking for approval; some drop of praise or recognition, some acknowledgement that all is okay and using the mind to try and create a feeling of security around itself….cycles of anxious and worrying thoughts destroying all peace and contentment

By contrast, the silent mind is a cool mind and it has its own power too. Because reality is understood and experienced, this silent mind chooses eternal thoughts and the feelings that follow…..fullness, generosity and freedom; there is nothing to lose, nowhere you have to go, nothing you have to do, not even anything to attain….because everything is already attained. This is the true state of silence.

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