A different perspective

A friend took her children on one of those rollercoaster rides, which took them through the Haunted House. On this ride they experienced ghosts, scary sounds, sudden movement of the carriages…. all of which made everyone scream. At the end of it, they all felt like they had had a wonderful time and a great experience!  Knowing that they would be secure at the end of the ride, enabled them to enjoy the ride and see the different experiences as an entertainment and a good laugh.

Imagine that a confused person enters the ride and forgets that he is on a rollercoaster. He forgets his home, his life and family and tries to settle down in the haunted house, as if it were his home! It is the same journey, but a different experience. For such a person the whole experience is like torture; a haunted house is the worst place for a home. Paradoxically, this is the story of the human race.

Supreme reality

Seen from a spiritual perspective, from a broader model, we are all on this rollercoaster ride called life and have forgotten that it is a ride. We have forgotten that there is the supreme home, an eternal and secure home with the family and the Father. We have settled down in this ‘haunted house’ and called it our only world. It’s no wonder that our lives are full of complaints, questions and criticisms.

We have the option to come out of this ‘madness’ and understand the joke. For the one who is awake, every moment of the ride is enjoyable i.e. his entire life on earth. Unlike the example of the confused individual, he remains aware of his supreme home, supreme parents and his supremely beautiful reality. The fact that he enjoys the rollercoaster ride as a ride, as entertainment, means that he approaches it in a sensible way. Every second and every experience is seen as it is meant to be seen. That makes his quality of life the highest possible, a sign of true spiritual intelligence. There cannot be a higher quality of life than this in the cycle of time.


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