Sky Beyond Sky is about discovering a new consciousness.

Our entire spiritual knowledge tells us that, at this very moment, we have a huge treasure and it is right in front of us. The journey is to take that step which will turn it into our experience.

We encourage you to listen to each talk in a series, reflect, see the application in your life, maybe share that realization with a friend, and then continue to the next section.

  • Listen

  • Reflect

  • Realize and apply

A 24-hour break between series is suggested to give you time to absorb and practice the ideas. You will understand further talks and discussions better as you progress and experience personal change.



The following information is to help you get the most from this site.

  • 1 It is suggested that you work through the series in sequential order. After completing the first session, you can move on to the second, returning back to revisit at any time.
  • 2 Each topic in a series is structured in three parts, an introduction to the theme, an audio page and a page for comments.
  • 3 The comments are optional. You can choose to respond to them or move to the next page. We will be reading the comments, but not replying to them.
  • 4 You may like to write your answers in a note book.
  • 5 You can access most of the audios from the series under The Eternal Prince in the menu and listen to them at your convenience. More discussion and articles can be found on the blog page Articles.

New content and talks are uploaded on a regular basis. Meditations are uploaded under Meditation in the menu.