The most ignorant place to be is when ’we don’t know that we don’t know’. Let’s play with the idea that this is our current state of consciousness which keeps us locked into a false existence, wearing a mask that we don’t even know is there.

If the body and all its expansion is the identity we hold to be true and we see this physical world as our only dimension, then we are in that consciousness that ‘we don’t know that we don’t know’. If however, we think that there is more to us than this physical form, but we don’t know what that is, then at least ‘we know that we don’t know’.

This is the beginning of spiritual insight and change. We can see the mask and at least know that something is hidden behind it. Now we are in a position to come out of that perspective and to use our subtle vision, the eye of wisdom, see what has been so successfully hidden behind this mask.

We can peel back the mask and see the real person, this subtle being of light that looks like a star? We try to grasp his personality which is noble and divine, very different to the personality of the mask he has been wearing and the script he has been following.

Looking a little deeper we see that, unlike the mask, this subtle being needs nothing, not even air and water; he is immortal and therefore, for him, to be secure is normal. How does it feel to be so secure? One who is secure will feel safe and be naturally loving, peaceful, generous, kind…..nothing and no one threatens him. His security comes from within. He is worthy of the Father’s love and respect… role with its script, nor the ego and its attachments.

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