If you go to a garden, you will see butterflies and also slugs. What is the life of a butterfly? It experiences flowers, colours, fragrance, sky, and other butterflies. Its life is a dance and it makes others dance in happiness.


The same garden also has slugs and earthworms. What is their life? They experience stones, shells and mud. They are probably oblivious to the flowers and their fragrance. Butterflies are possibly unaware of the stones and the mud. It is the same garden, but two different realities.


This is the story of all humans. We have options. A life ruled by ego is a life brought down to the ground. Ego is obsessed with the ‘story,’ either worrying, complaining, or indulging in the story. It is a life with stones, shells and mud.


We all have an option. It is the same world, but a life ruled by the angel sees the sky; it sees that all are good and sees the virtues and the greatness of others. It sees the angelic souls; that all are immensely lovely, that all belong to God, are loved by God and worthy to be loved by all. It sees eternity and the immortal home. Angels are busy celebrating the company of God and know the greatness of God. Their silent chant is that they are lucky and that all are lucky. Their life is a ‘celestial dance’ and they help others discover their own dance.
… one garden……two worlds.

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