In the Murli of 1.4.78, Baba was teasing when he said, “Whilst singing praise of the Father, you begin to sing your own praise.”

We shouldn’t be surprised because the blatant agenda of the ego is the praise ‘me, me, me.’ Ego, in fact, is incapable of singing praise of God. It is like telling Ravan to praise Ram! At most, he can pretend that he loves Ram and create another ego based on that. Ego is shamelessly stalking one role in the drama. The spiritual game is to make Ravan surrender to Ram. A mythological character, Hanuman, is a hero for bhagats because he makes Ravan surrender to Ram.

The mission of an angel is quite different. The angel is completely independent and free from the drama. The awake angel loves the Father immensely. He knows the greatness of God, is enormously grateful to God, and wants to glorify Him from his heart at every possible opportunity. That is the life of the angel. Interestingly enough, that was the life of Father Brahma. Obviously, the angel was the ruler and there was no rule of ‘me, me, me.’ ‘How can I promote me?’ was not the priority. ‘How can I promote the task of the Father?’ was the priority in every situation. Not ‘my’ interests, but Baba’s interests, not ‘my’ preference, but Baba’s preference, not ‘my’ likes, but Baba’s likes. ‘What will happen to me?’ was not an issue. Everything is good because the Father is good.

In the murli, Baba referred to the renunciation of ‘me’ as the most subtle and greatest renunciation and that, on this basis, the number one soul created the number one fortune. It’s worth checking who is most important to us, most of the time? Is it God? Or is it ‘me’? How absurd that there is so much hype around just one role from a little drama. (It appears ‘little’ from the unlimited perspective – from beyond) We have billions of other roles and it is, after all, just a theatre. But, for the ego, that one role is everything; for the ego, that role is ‘me.’ Ego breeds in ignorance and has to live with absurdities.

Let’s say you see a beautiful rainbow. To whom do you want to show it? Most want to show it to ‘me’ and that’s the end of it. Some might like to show it to their best friend first. They are not living for themselves; they are living for their friend. The best goes to the friend. A mother may have that kind of feeling for her child. For Father Brahma, his life was for the Father. He could not give enough to the Father. His instinct from the heart was, ‘whatever is the best, goes to the Father’; whatever he felt was important or interesting, he wanted to show it to Him, give it to Him. He wanted the Father to use his body.

Such is the bond between the angel and the Father of the angel. The silent chant of the heart is not ‘me, me, me’ … but ‘Baba, Baba, Baba.’ The angel is not remembering God by programme; he lives with Him and his heart celebrates.



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