It does not matter how it all began.  What really matters is how it all ends.

Many consider themselves to be lucky if they are born wealthy and healthy; they consider that to be a success.  Seen from a spiritual perspective, the birth and origin are rather irrelevant.  What really matters is what has been achieved by the end.


For the one who sees the bigger picture and the journey of the soul, this life is an opportunity for a much more important future and the moment of death is truly the birth of a new beginning.  For the person with attachments, the last moment is the moment of failure and of a loser.   Impressions of a loser go with him into the future.  A life of indulgence will have an end of regret, repentance or guilt, and that becomes his results in the examination.


For the spiritually enlightened individual who has lived his life as a trustee and for the service of mankind, striving to be with God, in the moment of death feels he is coming even closer to his trusted Friend. His final impressions are of a winner. The greater experience is of love, beauty, perfection, fullness, truth, God, security and immortality.  These are his final impressions in the final moment.  He looks at his life with fondness; for him and for God that life was a success.


It does not matter how it all begins – it matters how it all ends.


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