What is life like in the Golden Age?

Golden Age means zero ego; the starting position is this. So, in the Golden Age, the emphasis will not be on the golden palaces and the diamonds. Of course that is happening at a physical level. When ego is absent, the emphasis is on the subtle and the alokik. That which is experienced by the angels at the Confluence age is what continues in the Golden Age; it is alive and important to them. Everyone is a soul and though they may not use the language of soul and God, these are people of perfection and bliss, immensely lovely, beyond harm and harmless…..god-like and loved by all, forever. The highest words from the dictionary need to be used to describe them and their feelings.

Uninhibited happiness

Everyone is like this; immensely lovely and loved. In this dimension, love is uninhibited compared with the love experienced at the drama level in the Iron Age. It is uninhibited because there is no fear of rejection, no fear of loss, no possessiveness, no fear of competition; Ravan is absent. Just as God is an ocean of love, so too here, love is an ocean and all are lovely forever and worthy of immense love. There is a sense of belonging to each other, but not of possessiveness. There is security and an eternal bond. Only if there is some kind of insecurity does possessive come. Because of the security of this eternal bond, there is freedom and lightness. Their happiness is uninhibited and full. They know they have the best in every aspect; their treasures are the best forever and their happiness is not based on the ‘cartoon’ drama.

Because they have ‘paras budhi’, they are not deceived by the sparkle of the ‘cartoon’ and, therefore, have no possessiveness, such as ‘this is my house’ or ‘this is my car’. They see it like a cloud that comes in front of them….it is just a cloud. They watch the episodes of the ‘cartoon’.

Soul conscious

What do the deities look like? They look like stars. ‘Soul conscious’ means that they know that their world is rich. ‘Paras budhi’ means that they have the sight to appreciate this wonder; the richness of this eternal world, the wonder of it, the stability of it. They enjoy solitude and do not feel the need for constant change. They are not slaves to anything; they are happy to see the cartoon changing, but they are not a slave to it. Their inner world is full and because of that, everything external appears to entertain them. There is no sorrow with any change i.e. death or birth. Because they have not ‘crossed the line’ into ignorance, there is zero sorrow.

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