Two individuals are watching ‘Laurel and Hardy’. One of them is in some delusion and is complaining about Laurel and about Hardy. ‘Why he is doing this? He shouldn’t be doing that’. As a result, he feels disappointed and begins to question everything. The show finishes and he feels even more depressed; so much was done and now it is all over. What is the attitude of the other person? Carefree entertainment! He is not only free from sorrow, but he is entertained; he sees the director and the producer, he sees the details and the humour, the actors and the fun. One mind is hell and the other is heaven. ‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, and hell of heaven’. (Milton)

At present, we are watching a ‘Laurel and Hardy’ show. In this context, when the word ‘angel’ is used, it is synonymous with one who is very detached. The angel is the one who enjoys ‘Laurel and Hardy’ the most. By contrast, the other option is someone who is attached and, therefore, sees everything as very important and serious. What he experiences is hell, madness, waste thoughts and sorrow.

We have the option to check which mind we are using at any moment in time – do we make ‘hell of heaven, or heaven of hell’? If we have the attitude of expectations with little complaints, little worries, little anxieties, it means we have already crossed the line into madness. The whole Iron Age is iron age because of this. Going ‘beyond the line’ means that we have understood the nature of this world, that there is nothing to complain about.

The awakened prince (angel) enjoys the sky (home), enjoys the company of the King (God) and the angelic royals (family). He has the company of people of great character; noble, the wisest and holiest. He has a life with all treasures, where there is benevolence towards others and he also enjoys the extended ‘Laurel and Hardy’ entertainment. For him every moment is a gift and an entertainment. Whoever has this perspective, can be called an angel and he has the highest quality of life.

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