The awake angel

The ‘awake’ angel has the highest quality of life and the highest standard of living. ‘Awake’ means he experiences the whole dimension, the real dimension; love from God, love from the family and their noble and elevated company. He also knows he is immortal.

For him, every aspect is the best. This is the life of one who is awake. From here, he looks into the story world and in that story world every moment is a wonderful gift. Every scene is seen as entertainment or a joke….. And, that is why there is nothing in the three worlds that he needs to be concerned about, nor is there anything to complain about.

For the awake angel, his life is of love, bliss and wisdom…. eternally….


This is the truth of everyone. So, what prevents everyone from experiencing this? For the soul to ‘wake up’, the ‘ego’ has to die. If there is anything that deprives the angel of this supreme truth, it is the ego. For every second the soul is accurately conscious, the ego suffocates and fights back.


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