Delusion of the Dream

When we dream, in that moment, everything in the dream appears real. Recently I dreamt of lions….they were wild and threatening and I was afraid of them. The fact that they were in a dream did not matter…the danger felt real. The moment I woke up, of course the danger was seen as ridiculous.…it was nothing more than the delusion of the dream.

A Grand Story

This physical world and all its apparent challenges can be compared to a sophisticated dream. When we are in it, the dragons seem real, they look fearsome and in our desperation to feel safe and secure, we spend so much time and energy fighting them off. What if we could wake up and see that it is a delusion, a grand story with all the characters….. heroes…. villains….comedians, all playing their roles.

When we wake up out of a bad dream and realize that we are safe, there is a huge feeling of relief. Here too, when the soul, the angel, wakes up and sees that it is just a story, he is greatly relieved. He sees that he is safe and has always been safe. This is what the experience of immortality means.

Waking Up

But how can we come out of the dream when it appears so real? The best way to wake up is to put the light on and here too, we need the light of a spiritual perspective or consciousness. To look with the eye of wisdom allows us to see clearly what it means to be awake and what it means to be asleep.

When we wake up to reality, we see that there are no dragons, nothing to fear, nothing to protect, even nothing to attain. Everything is already attained…authentic love, authentic respect, peace and silent bliss.

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