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  • Victory Means Full Light
  • The Perspective of Truth
  • Fiery Form of Yoga

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Deepening Our Perspective

Our aim is to see with ever increasing clarity, a world that is normally invisible, the beings that are normally invisible. For this, it is necessary to go deeper into some of the ideas so that we come into an experience.

In this short series of talks, we try to grasp the subtlety of this invisible world and the implications that this dimension of truth has for us; the freedom, the security, the company of God.

It is this experience that brings certainty and conviction enabling us to change our perspective on reality.

The False Identity

What prevents us from experiencing the sky?

This short story illustrates how tend to remain at the level of a false identity and do not experience our full potential.

The egg of an eagle was hatched with some chickens in a chicken run and so a hen brought up the baby eagle. The eagle tried to become a good chicken, learning to scratch around and make the right noises.

One day the eagle saw another eagle in the sky and said, “Wow! What is that?”

The hens answered, “That is an eagle, the king of the birds that can fly in the sky, play with the clouds and soar over high mountains. It is a bird of the sky. But we are chickens, birds of the ground; we have to scratch around during the day and hide away from foxes at night.”

The eagle listened to the chicken, continued to behave like a chicken, continued to complain about the unfairness of not being an eagle and one day it died – as a chicken.

From Concept to Experience

An important question from the previous story

‘If I know I am an eagle, why am I not flying’?

If the physical world is comfortable, is there a need to fly?

In the practice of yoga, we emphasis the sky – the nature of the soul and the experience of the celestial home, of family and God. However, as long as the physical world is made comfortable, the experience of the sky will not be possible. Only when all the other options are closed, will the eagle fly.

The Supreme Soul

Within the Raja Yoga philosophy, God is one who is in the highest consciousness; one who sees things in total clarity. As a result, He experiences a richness of the heart, a richness of the head, complete wisdom and bliss,  in an absolute way.

The effort in Raja Yoga is to know that consciousness and to experience it; to see what the Supreme Soul sees, thinks and feels.

What does He know? He understands the whole of the physical world as a story. Since it is a story, there are no passions about the story, no complaints, no anger. ‘Story’ means a fiction and beyond is the real world, and in the real world are real people.

The Supreme Soul lives in this world of light. He loves the people in the real world, whether they are in the sky (real world) or visiting the story world.  

The Purpose of Spirituality

What is the purpose of spiritual life?

  • to become enlightened,
  • to lead a charitable life and inspire others,
  • to bring heaven on earth,
  • to know God and be like God.

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

Victory Means Full Light

The purpose of our spiritual life is very much connected with victory. Ram, or God, comes to remove Ravan.  Ravan means the vices of the human world.

To attain this victory we need different powers. A good strategy is needed.

A big secret is to realise that Ravan is the master in darkness. In darkness, you cannot defeat Ravan, you cannot win. You have to create light. In full light, Ravan has no power.

The meaning of darkness is ignorance and in ignorance we cannot win. Bring the full light of clarity and victory is guaranteed.

What is Truth?

Who knows the Truth?

How do you know that you found the truth?

  • when in truth, the soul dances in happiness,
  • there is no experience of suffering,
  • we see that which is invisible, alokik and divine,
  • truth brings real benefit to all.

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

The Perspective of Truth

Normally our ego is the one who sees this world. Its interpretation is limited. It cannot see things properly and therefore cannot understand its meaning.

This is why the perspective of God is relevant to us.

God knows the truth. He knows the physical world, He knows that it is a play, a theatre, and He knows the reality beyond this play.

The sign of knowing the truth is that there is no discomfort. With the perspective of truth, we know and enjoy the world beyond the play and we also enjoy every moment of the play.

Is this ordinary remembrance?

How to stay in powerful yoga?

  • become an embodiment of knowledge,
  • have only one Strength and Support,
  • use the power of the mind and intellect to brake and to steer,
  • collective remembrance.

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

Fiery Form of Yoga

The easy way to experience the fiery form of yoga is to have the concern that now is the time to go home.

We can take the example of a boat where there is a party and the boat is sinking. In this case, it is very clear that your mission is to come out of the boat and to help others come out of it.

For the paras intellect the reality beyond the boat is everything and nothing can distract it. It illuminates the qualities of the soul and helps others to see.

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