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  • The Eternal Prince
  • The Detached Observer
  • Experience the Noble Mind
  • The Security of the Traveller
  • Meditation Experience

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Who we are

Let us begin with the question: Who am I?

Here are a few options that can be useful when seen from a spiritual perspective:

  • a traveller
  • a trustee
  • a guest
  • a soul?

Take a few seconds to reflect on each one.

The Eternal Prince

The essence of the spiritual message is that there is a higher consciousness available to us and that, at present, we are at a lower level, as if asleep.

To illustrate this, we use the example of a prince who forgets that he is a prince. This applies to us. Instead of living the life of a prince, we are living the life of a beggar; asking for love, respect and happiness.

Our spiritual effort is just this; to awaken the prince. When he is awake he knows the real world;the real relationships and the treasures that have always been his.

The Existing World

What characterises the existing world?

One word that can describe the outer world

  • changing
  • ending
  • limited?

Take a few seconds to reflect on each one.

The Detached Observer

The law of the existing outer world is change; it is completely unpredictable. If one creates even the slightest attachment, that is, dependency in this world, then sorrow is guaranteed.

At present we are subservient to this world that is constantly changing and therefore our quality of life is diminished. We have the option to be in this world as detached observers; a guest that owns nothing and who creates zero expectations.

Such a person experiences a rich inner life, useful to himself and to the others.

Changing the Perspective

We have the option to take the perspective of a detached observer.

What kind of mind is experienced by an observer?

A detached observer experiences

  • freedom
  • self-awareness
  • security
  • love

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

Experiencing the Noble Mind

In our life of attachments, we create self-inflicted anxiety and this anxiety spoils the mind. We do not give ourselves the chance to know our potential. In this model of a detached observer, we come to see the physical world as a story.

This understanding helps us to be aware of the subtle reality beyond the theatre.

The mind of the observer is completely free from attachments, and therefore also free from sorrow. It is as if it does not have a drop of poison. Such a mind experiences silent bliss, silent peace and contentment.

The Illusion of 'Mine'

One of the earliest errors in our belief system is the belief of ownership.

What are the reasons to believe that we own things?

  • I bought it
  • I inherited it
  • I worked for it and I deserve it

As soon as we use the word ‘mine’,  fear of loss and the feeling of insecurity follow.

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

The Security of the Traveller

Human beings struggle to make themselves feel secure. The more they attach themselves to the story, the more they feel insecure. With the attachments come other feelings of fear, anxiety, comparison and addiction.

It’s good to know that we have the option to come into this physical world with the attitude of a traveller.  The traveller feels no need to own anything, so he has no fear of loss.

The traveller is aware of the world as a theatre so he knows there is an exit and he also knows life beyond the stage.

Meditation Experience

For this practice of meditation we follow the words in the audio.Always choose a posture that is comfortable, feel free to move, feel free to keep the eyes open. Breath normally and preferably deeply.

We remind ourselves that right now we are guests and being guests we do not own anything so we cannot lose anything.

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