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The Extent of Misdentification

To use the word ‘I’ to anything that is not ‘I’ is confusion.

Which are some of the most common identifications today?

  • my job
  • my religion
  • my possessions
  • my image
  • my ideas

When we are in this mode of identification, we tend to see dangers/threats everywhere.

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

Option to Be Free

We understand that today, the position of the eternal traveller is one of extreme confusion. He reaches such a level of attachment, that he loses himself in it completely.

Subconsciously, he creates identifications with his attachments, and this in turn, creates extreme insecurity. He believes that the ‘body’ is who he is, that his ‘religion’ is also who he is, and so in this way, he becomes ‘senseless’.
The result is that he picks up petty things – negative, wasteful things.

However, the traveller has the option to live a life without this internal insecurity.

Philosophical Intelligence

One way to describe the philosophical intelligence is ‘a God-like mind’.

What is philosophical intelligence?

  • it sees the larger picture
  • understands the world as a story
  • has less or zero desire
  • zero sorrows

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

The Paras Intellect

In Raja Yoga philosophy we use the terms ‘Paras’ and ‘Patar’ intellect. Paras is divine intellect and Patar is stone intellect.Paras sees the whole physical world as a small story and sees a world beyond the story. It sees the real world, the eternal world; a world of light and of people of light; beyond the story.

Paras can see this in an obvious way. Patar is so locked in the story that it cannot see beyond the story and therefore, cannot see what is subtle.

Emotional Pain

Why do we get emotional pain? We can see pain as

  • a challenge
  • a punishment
  • a message from nature
  • an opportunity for learning?

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

Message of Nature

Nature does not give pain without reason.  In this model, we can consider that, with every type of pain, there is a message.

Nature  gives us a very simple message – remain free. To remain free, we need to understand that this is a temporary world, and therefore, it is madness to create desires based upon it.

To create expectations is to ‘break the law’ of no desires.  In the same way, to create ego, to describe the self according to external criteria, is, according to nature, a wrong posture, and therefore, will invite penalties.

The Challenge

What can be attained in one second?

If you are using the divine intellect

  • recognition of the Creator and Creation is of a second,
  • belonging to the Father  is of a second,
  • you automatically experience all the virtues,
  • service is of a second.

Take a second to reflect on the subject.

The Game of One Second

If we use the gift of paras intellect, knowledge, yoga, dharna and service become a game of a second.

The pathar intellect lives in the cartoon world, it creates attachments and the ego flourishes.

The paras intellect can see in a second the story as the story. It lives in the eternal world with God and the awake souls. The awake soul naturally sees the truth and his dharna is clean and authentic.

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