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Understanding the Dynamics

Is there full recognition of what body consciousness is? It is necessary to understand the dynamics of the battle and the enemy. Really this is a war, but it does not have to be a struggle. This war can only be won through absolute clarity.

In this short series of talks, we aim to bring absolute clarity about what body consciousness is and how, by using the right intellect, soul consciousness can become normal. 

Wrong state of identity

What is ego?

Ego is an identity based on something limited. Body consciousness is the word for all the wrong identities that we create when we enter the physical world to play the game of the drama of life.

When the soul enters the drama it gets exposure to a body, to a role, to position, to possessions and it starts identifying with these things. It starts believing I am rich, I am intelligent, I am the one who discovered . . .

All these identities based on people, position, possessions, all these egos put together are what is called body consciousness.

Body Consciousness

An important question: how to make the ego smaller? 

See the ego as a problem. See the ego as the enemy – do not be innocent or naive about the enemy.

Ego needs acknowledgement to constantly grow. It blocks the identity of the avyakt soul and it blocks the experiences of the avyakt soul.

Seeing the whole physical world as temporary and as a story that is being acted out, as a film, will diminish its importance.

The Limited Perspective

The essence of the spiritual journey is to shift from the limited perspective on life to a broad and unlimited perspective on life. One function of the soul is the intellect, i.e., our wisdom and our power to discern.

Within the spiritual knowledge there is the understanding that we have created a stone intellect. In this case, our wisdom is based on a limited perspective.

For the stone intellect, the only dimension that exists is the physical dimension. The stone intellect thinks in terms of beginning and end. Attitude is based upon the gross reality, This attitude is always conditional in this limited perspective and it leads to fear and insecurity.

Take a few seconds to reflect on the subject.

The Great Drama

If thoughts and feelings emerge whilst knowing and experiencing this bigger perspective we call it the awake state, the angelic awareness. Thoughts, priorities, attitude will come from this higher perspective. And feelings will be of brotherhood.

These higher beings, beings of light, avyakt souls – they have come to play a great drama. A great act, but behind the act, behind the drama, the eternal reality is of brotherhood and family. 

Beings of Light

The real self is a subtle avyakt being, a being of benevolence, a being that is God-like, that belongs to a world of silence and light, the home of souls. This being is royal and free.

The world of the avyakt souls is beyond the game. Their culture, their relationships, their family, their heritage are complete and whole. Their parent is God.

The whole avyakt practice is just re-awakening to this subtle and more refined way of being.

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