It is very easy to make anyone wealthy. This is because they are already wealthy.

They already have immense wealth of the most refined quality and these treasures have no comparison. There are no words that are appropriate to describe this wealth. This wealth is without limits and is there to stay forever. It is easy to make someone wealthy, as long as they stop begging. The experience of all of this wealth gets blocked by the mentality of a beggar. The smallest desire instantly blocks the experience of all the treasures.

Even as an experiment, if someone was able to experience a mind with zero desires, they would discover the treasures. We can attain this by seeing the whole physical world as a ‘story’. As an experiment, we can hold this perspective just for a few minutes. Seen as a story, it would appear absurd to create desires or create expectations. By this standard, even ‘preferences’ and ‘hopes’ within the story are desires and thus begging!

The attitude required is total freedom, acceptance and equanimity towards the outer world. Then the experience of the ultimate wealth is yours. It is so easy to be rich and it is so easy to make others rich.


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