My and Mine create value

  • however, that value is not part of the object or person I call mine.
  • where is that value? that value is in the mind. An image of the object or person which includes the value is created in the mind, that is, my car, my child.
  • that image in my mind is not real, it is only an idea created by my mind.

Consequences of my and mine

  • I put my sense of self into my car or my child, that is, I identify with them. I do not do this with a car or a child which is not mine.
  •  my car or my child is not who I am. This identification aims to make the relationship permanent, but instead I create attachment.

Consequences of attachment

  • worry, anxiety and fear of loss.
  • Sorrow. These emotions feed the ego.

What I want to experience is love and appreciation

  • love is an expression of giving because I want what is best for the loved one (the child).
  • appreciation – I appreciate having this useful facility (in this case the car).

To be free from attachments I see myself as a trustee

  • attitude of a trustee means freedom from fear of loss.
  • I know that nothing is mine.


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  1. DR SHRADDHA on March 4, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    in love with Baba .. Awesome explation. Can’t resist praising.Use me Baba

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