Is this a nightmare?

An interesting question to ponder is, are we all in an altered state of consciousness, in other words, are we in a consciousness that is not normal for us? When we look around the physical world, for many it is a nightmare that they can’t wake up from; the struggle to survive, physical or emotional pain, or both, or….sometimes the emptiness of being numbed by the over-use of the senses. This is surely not what we were intended for.

Inner Eye of Wisdom

What is amazing is that we do have a choice. There is another consciousness available to us, a consciousness more natural and more beautiful than anything we could imagine. It requires us to step up to a new perspective, to use a long forgotten treasure – the inner eye of wisdom. This inner eye sees everything in the correct perspective. The physical world and everything in it is temporary. At this level, anything can end at any time, including our bodies; in fact that is the nature of the drama; it changes all the time. If we are depending upon it for our existence, then we will always be insecure, dreading the end.

Angelic Consciousness

The truth is that we are not dependent on it for our existence because we are non-physical beings. The inner eye sees this because it sees the big picture, both the temporary world and the eternal world. The consciousness is completely different, because this inner eye sees from above and knows that nothing can destroy the angelic being. The angel is forever, harmless and free from harm. He knows God, he knows what God knows and he sees as God sees. For him, there are no endings; his life is one of love and joy; equally for all and authentic, from the heart, irrespective of the role in the story down below.

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