All the world’s a stage

Shakespeare’s words and I quote “All the world’s a stage” prompts us to ask the question….what did he know that we don’t or have perhaps forgotten. What he knew was that the real people are not the roles that they play. Like any performance, the actors behind the roles are the real people and the part they play is in the story. Nowhere does this apply more than to us as a human family. We are all actors, spiritual beings from a different dimension, with a home and a family, and we have just put on our bodies as costumes to wear, in order to play our roles in the physical world.

Real Identity

There are actors who get so caught up in their roles that they do forget their real identity. It’s not so strange then that we should have forgotten so completely who we are. We just need to be reminded that our body is our costume and we are the real people playing a part. Actors play many parts….some are heroes others are villains, but off stage, they are mostly quite different to their parts. When looking at the spiritual being, the actor on the stage of the world, he is not at all like the part in the story; he is extremely beautiful, a star-like being….silent, innocent, harmless, and all this in a natural way.

Spiritual Journey

Our spiritual journey is to wake up to this eternal truth and to see the physical world in its correct perspective…..a temporary stage where these beings of light come to enact their part in a short drama. Because they are immortal and have a home and a family that is eternal, they are deeply secure and safe. They need nothing from the story. They are free from desires, expectations, sorrow, insecurity….everything. Their heart is clean and pure; they are loving and loved. The stage becomes enjoyable because it is not the source of security and happiness; in their dimension, security and happiness is normal.

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