Light and darkness

We know that the potential of the mind is enormous. As Milton said, ‘it can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven’. Our collective minds have created the physical world in which we live and how we perceive it depends on our perspective. Looking around us, how can we see the light when darkness seems to prevail on all fronts?

A Spiritual Perspective

Do you believe that your thoughts are beyond your control and that it can’t be any different? Experimenting with the mind is fascinating. Show the mind a bigger picture, a spiritual perspective, and it naturally becomes content. A spiritual perspective removes the ego’s obsession with the role in the drama and the mind becomes restful, free from anxious and repetitive thoughts of ‘how’ ‘what’ and ‘why’. Peace and contentment is the original state of the mind, but because the ego has high jacked it for its own purposes, the mind is confused and loses its contentment and creativity. Take back the mind from the control of the ego and you return the mind to a state of contentment.

A Contended Mind

In a second, bring the bigger picture into view. See the drama as small and temporary and your role as part of the story. Then focus on the home of light and the being of light, seeing the permanence of this dimension of truth….unchanging and unchangeable. This new perspective automatically brings thoughts of truth which are calming and restful to the mind. Such a contented mind is a treasure….it follows the will of the soul and creates light with every thought. It is useful to the self, to others and to God.


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